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The Dectomax Kelso Ram Sales BTV8 Press Release June 2009

BTV8 Dectomax Kelso Ram Sales Friday 11th September

1. All Rams from Scotland, England and Wales ( PZ ) attending the Ram Sales must be vaccinated, either by a Vet or self vaccinated. A self declaration Form will be sent to every Consignor. This, or a veterinary Certificate, must be handed in on arrival at the Sale. These Rams must have been vaccinated between 11th September 2008 and 31st July 2009. There will be no admittance for any Rams if a Form is not produced or incorrectly filled in.

2. Any Rams coming from Northern Ireland will not be vaccinated ( FZ ). If remaining in Scotland for more than fourteen days these must be vaccinated by the purchaser.

3. No Rams will be allowed to return to Northern Ireland from Consignors from Northern Ireland until vet vaccinated and then sixty days thereafter or 4b ( below ).

4. Any Consignor wishing to sell Rams eligible for export to Northern Ireland direct from the Sale in Kelso must have their Rams vaccinated by a Vet with an inactivated vaccine against BTV8 and this must be done a) at least sixty days before coming to the Sale, the latest date for vaccination being 10th July 2009 or b) following a specific time delay after vaccination, as specified by DARD ( Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - Northern Ireland ), according to which vaccine is used, the sheep may be blood tested to confirm effective vaccination. Contact your own Vet for advice regarding length of time delay. The vaccination certificate signed by a Veterinary Surgeon and any test results must accompany the Rams to the Sale and be checked by Border Union Officials prior to the Rams being allowed to enter the Showground.

5. The above is based on the current BTV8 legislation. Should any of the legislation change all Auction Companies and potential Consignors will be informed.

All entries should be made through Auction Companies with the Border Union closing date being Thursday 6th August. The Public Ballot for the Sales will be held at 9.00am on Thursday 20th August in the Springwood Hall. All 2008 Consignors have been written to explaining the current legislation.

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Date: 09/06/2009

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